Friday, June 19, 2009

lock is owned by another session Embedded WebLogic

UPDATE for new Release of JDeveloper:

the file now exists in:

C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\JDeveloper\system11.\DefaultDomain

remove the edit.lok from there.


In JDeveloper, there is often some problem with Lock session: [Deployer:149164]The domain edit lock is owned by another session in exclusive mode - hence this deployment operation cannot proceed.

Simple solutions like restarting JDev, redeploying, clean , recompile and redeploy.. The problem persists.

Someone could easily suggest to remove system folder and restart JDev... But this will take time to reset your enviroment..

The session Lock is kept under Weblogic and in the following folder


and is the file edit.lok.

rename it or remove it and start your application again. Weblogic will recreate the .lok file.


  1. Alternative way to solve same problem - login to WebLogic Web Console and press Undo Active Changes button, this will remove all dirty locks from previously failed deployment.


  2. Nice post Ninja!
    It is good that you post the error in order to troubleshoot it easier!

  3. Other solutions:
    brake the lock with a hammer
    stop using jdeveloper
    become an analyst or a designer

    remove the stupid word confirmation to post comments

  4. Another workaround is in addition to clicking on Undo all changes, you can click logout of the later versions (10.3) of WLS that are automatically obtaining the lock. When you explicitly log out of the console and have no outstanding changes, the lock is freed up.

    Alternatively, you can also disable the automatic Lock and Activate development mode convenience feature in order to fully control when the configuration is locked and activated. This is useful for changes that require numerous steps and you want it to all fail or succeed as a single unit of work 2PC style.

  5. Andrejus,

    I tried to do that, but for some reason OEL was not deleting the file. I stopped AdminServer, manually deleted the file, and now it seems to work fine.

  6. guys thank a lot i am facing this lock problem for the past two days and now i am able to solve it
    thank u
    Keep it up guys

  7. You're the man

  8. Thanks its working very fine

  9. HI yall...
    Thanks for this post!!!
    It worked perfectly on my computer...

    I have windows 7, and the path to go to delete the edit.lok file were:


    Thanks a lot!!!!!

  10. Hey can you deploy 11.3g Jdev on tomcat? of you can then i will know you are born to debug.

  11. My question to you all is how to figure out that whom had taken the lock?Is there any specific file or logs ,through which we can check that which user had taken the current lock.

    A quick reply will be appreciated.




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