Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oracle-XE on Ubuntu 10.4 Swap File Problem.


Here is the official link from Oracle on how to install oracle-xe on Ubuntu.
I just tried it on my Virtual Box machine with Ubuntu 10.4 .


But since I am not familiar with Linux.. And I am sort of forced to use it if i still want to work on my Mac and on oracle-xe..
I made a mistake on swap file size... I left it default.. Everythin ok until i tried to install oracle-xe. It was complaining that the swap file was too small for the installation..

Here is the link on how to increase the swap file on ubuntu:


It is the official site of ubuntu..
I would like to share it with everyone cause it troubled me for sometime.



  1. The first thing anyone should do before installing any Oracle product is to read the documentation and visit the OTN posts for related issues. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Anyway thank you for posting again what was posted/discussed many times on OTN and on the internet (googling will help too)

  2. Thank you for pointing the right way of doing things.



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