Monday, October 17, 2011

Master Detail on separate Pages and Separate Task Flows ADF 11g


This is another small example of how to present Master-Detail information. This example will show to present master detail data over different pages where each page exists in a different task Flow.
Furthermore, you can find a discussion in the forum, where this post was inspired from.

Download The Sample Application.

The implementation is almost the same as a previous post:

The difference here is that, Master Detail pages exist in different task Flows.
This approach has the following differences:

Create another task flow for the details page.

In the master task flow, make a call to another task flow (the details task flow that is..) instead of a page.

In the details task flow, make a call to a task flow return instead of the master page. The task flow return will return to the calling task flow.

And here is the "tricky" part of the implementation. In order to keep the task flows synchronised with each other in terms of Data Control, we have to share the same Data Control.
This can be easily done by selecting a check box in the detail task flow that will do just that. It will "get" the Data Control of the calling task Flow.

So, every time the master task flow will call the detail task flow, it will delegate the Data Controls. This means that there will be a consistency between Master and Detail task flows in terms of data.

Download The Sample Application.


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