Friday, October 14, 2011

Master Detail on Separate Pages jspx ADF 11g


This is an example of using a typical master detail relationship but in different pages.
The master will be in one page and the details will be in another page.
The use case is simple.
Select a master row from a table and then navigate to the details table of this master which are in another page.
For this case we will use the Department and the Employees tables of the HR Schema.
The Departmens will be the master page and the Employees will be the details page.

Download The Sample Application.

For starters.  We have to create the appropriate ViewLinks between DepartmentView and employeesView.

The "trick" here is to use the appropriate iterators in the same DataControl.

This means that, in our case, we will have a task flow with two view inside that will share the same data control.

So, in the first page, we will drag and drop departments iterator as a table. Add a button for the navigation.

For the second page, we will drag and drop employees iterator, the one that resides inside the Departments tree.

And that it is.. The framework will take care of the rest. The Binding layer will keep the relationship open between the two iterators since they are sharing the same dataControl.

Download the sample Application


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