Friday, March 9, 2012

Duplicated DataBindings.cpx file found. ADF Library reuse


If you ever faced this message dialog on your JDeveloper:

most probably you are trying to use a region from an ADF Library to another project.

The help button opens the Help Center:

So the problem here is:

You have the same name of the .cpx file under the same package in both projects.

You have two solutions:

  • Change the package structure in one or more applications in order not to have this duplication error.
  • Rename the .cpx file.

The first approach is cleaner in terms of refactoring.  You just right click on the package and move it.

The second approach requires to make the appropriate change in the adfm.xml file as described in the help center. 
However up to version, declarative refactoring is not possible, at least for me.

NOTE: One thing that you have to always remember is to clean before redeploying the jar.


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