Sunday, March 20, 2016

I have a great idea!

- Hello Developer.
- Hello... you..
- Listen, I have this great idea for an App.
- Really?
- yeah!
- what's it about?
- can't tell you.
- OK...
- So Developer, will you write the code for the App?
- OK, but what should I write? What will the App do?
- Cant tell you.
- Why?
- You haven't signed a NDA yet.
- I see. so where is it?
- I have it at home. in a safe place.
- OK... but why?
- Because in there I have written the idea for the App.
- aha..
- And if I will show it to you, you will read it before you sign it and then I will be at risk.
- I see. It happens..
- yeah...
- OK then.. I guess... there is nothing much to say here, is it?
- No. but could you start writing the code for my App please?
- Let me see.. You know, I would like to know what the App would do... It would help me exclude some patterns I have in mind.
- Well, I can't do that.. It seems that you are not agile enough for my idea.. perhaps I should go elsewhere..
- Oh but I am.. So I have one very specific question for your great idea.
- OK, what is it?
- Can it fly?
- what do you mean?
- I mean, can it actually fly out of the device? Like, you know, fly...
- I can't tell you that.
- OK. I will do it.
- great!
- So talk about the cost now. right?
- Yeah, well, it is a simple App.
- Yeah I figured that out by now..
- So how much would it worth?
- 20 million Euros.
- JEEESUS!! 20 million Euros??? Are you crazy? For this App?
- Why? Haven't I calculated the correct cost of your App while I don't know what it will do?
- of course not!
- well, it is not that simple of an App.
- Why do you say that? my idea is perfect and simple!
- See, the most difficult App is the simple one. but still, yours is not that simple.
- really?
- yeah.. I mean, think about it.. you cannot even tell me if it flies... it is a simple question and your answer, is so complicated. I am already calculating the mandecades of work for this App.
- hm.. perhaps we could remove one part.
- which part?
- can't tell you that.
- Well, if you remove that, then the cost drops to 10 million.
- aha! I knew it! yes!!
- great, should we start then?
- wait it is still a lot of money..
- well what do you mean?
- I mean... come on.. it is very simple now..
- yes you are right.. it is fairly simple now.
- so make me a discount.
- OK, lets go down to 500K Euros.
- excellent.
- great. I will have it ready for you by tomorrow.
- really!!??
- yeah. it is a simple App, right?
- yeah it is.
- OK then. please give me 0.2% in cash of the cost as an advance so I could start working on it.
- There you go.
- Thanks! see you tomorrow. same place?
- Wait wait, I don't have your contact info so that we can talk.
- Oh... yeah.. about that. Cant tell you that.
- Why not? I just gave you the cash!
- yeah you did. but you haven't signed a NDA so that I could tell you who I am.
- why do you need a NDA for you name?
- Don't tell anyone, but, I am spy.

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  1. Funny post. People should realize that ideas are nothing, implementation of that ideas is what matters.

    There where search engines before Google, social networks before Facebook, smartphones before iPhone.. Actually, an idea's first implementations usually are failures...

    There is a developer, called Freniche who has some simple rules for contracting:

    - Never work for a private guy, mainly if there are the kind of "I got an idea". If his bright idea does not lead him to create at least a Limited, that may cost less than 100gpb in UK, maybe he is not really "commited".

    - Never without a contract. At least something that proves you are working for something.

    - No NDAs unless customer is big company or a very specific project that may be worth. (Implementation is what matters).

    - Of course, never work for free, committed as a "partner". If you are good at something, don't do it for free...




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