Wednesday, March 16, 2016

No More Websites

I have to say... The time has come.

Picture this at will.
You come back from work all tired and happy of your great productive day and all you want is to order your favourite pizza.
You will have to either call them and probably wait for somebody to answer the phone or you will be put on a queue, or, you will go on-line and place your order.
Hang on a minute..
You will have to visit the web site, probably login (meaning that you went through the painful registration process) and then go through a number of steps to finalize your order.
If you are lucky enough, you will manage to order your pizza without any frustration...
If you are lucky enough..

Or imagine this:
Your boss says: Hello my favourite employee! You! Are the chosen one! you will be going to this convention you have always wanted to! As you know it is in two weeks and guess what? You will be making a small presentation of our products in a meeting room full of potential.
We will manage the invitations but you will have to manage your trip plan and the presentation.
You just love those wonderful surprises right?
Hang on a minute..
Besides the lovely experience you will get. You will have to plan the whole trip.. But hey that is easy right?
Yeah sure.
Book the cheapest flight, find the closest and cheapest hotel, which has to be close to some bar or restaurant. On top of that, you have to arrange transportation to and from the airport, right?
And how about a stroll around the city? No? Too unprofessional? Maybe.

No More Websites.

Wouldn't it be fantastic if we could just ask for something?
For example:
" Hey I would like to go to this place on that date and stay close to there and always use public transportation. On top of that, I am vegan and a trip wont change that. Plus is there a beautiful route to follow on foot on that day evening? "

Going back to the pizza thing.
"Hey I would like to have a pepperoni lovers from that store, extra thin. Oh and my favourite soda."
And it would just work.

We are human beings and every single one of us has special requests during the day.
Whether you like it or not, Websites are becoming a problem to our complex life and not the solution.
We will be a lot better if there was something that could understand our needs and sort it out immediately for us. Something that will always be there for us. Any time of the day, every day.


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